4 Reasons Why You Should Prefer Natural Skincare Products

4 Reasons Why You Should Prefer Natural Skincare Products

Nowadays, you can find and choose from a wide array of skincare products on the market. Some of these products are natural, while some are synthetic. Although some skincare products promise to offer some benefits, natural products are still the better choice between the two.

Want to know why this is so? Check out the reasons why natural skincare products are preferred by many and recommended by skincare experts:

1. They are safe for the environment

Compared to synthetic skincare products, natural ones are better for the environment. This is due to various reasons. First, synthetic ingredients can cause detrimental effects on plants and animals. Once they seep into the ground, they can also affect the nearby ecosystems.

Also, the process of making synthetic skincare products can cause stress in the environment. There are ingredients such as lead and aluminium extracted through a process that can contribute to pollution and larger carbon footprints.

On the other hand, natural products for the skin do not undergo processes that can cause adverse effects on the environment. They utilise natural ingredients; thus, they do not harm the surrounding animals, plants and other biodiversities.

2. They are safer to use

Natural skincare products, because of their natural ingredients, are safer to use than synthetic products. To illustrate, the ingredients in your lotion will slowly seep into your bloodstream after applying to the skin. Then, they will gradually affect the various processes of the body. If the ingredients are safe, they can bring benefits to the body. However, if they are detrimental, the body may be at risk of adverse side effects.

Using natural skincare products can help prevent negative health effects. You will feel and look better, too.

3. Their manufacturing processes do not harm animals

It’s sad to know that there are skincare product manufacturers–some of which are even big names in the industry–that test their products on animals. Therefore, such a process can be stressful for the animals used for testing and experimenting.

Thankfully, manufacturers of skincare products dismiss animal testing. In fact, they are not involved in harming living beings. They are more empathetic and more ethical when it comes to creating their products and establishing their brands.

4. They contain beneficial nutrients

The most significant way to point out the differences between natural and synthetic skincare products is to delve into their ingredients. Check on their ingredients label, and you will see that synthetic products contain Glyceryl Stearate, Triclosan, Dye #4, and Petrolatum. All these are lab-made and are known to have harmful effects on body functions. They can cause itchiness, redness and other allergic reactions.

On the other hand, natural products are packed with safe ingredients such as argan oil, jojoba oil, lemon juice, apple juice, and others. These ingredients are known to be safe and beneficial to the body. They are packed with Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, alpha-hydroxy acid, Resveratrol and more that aid the body to work at optimal levels.


When you choose to use synthetic products, you can be facing various health consequences. This is because you are letting harmful chemicals enter the bloodstream. As time goes by, you may experience other health problems due to these substances that may be toxic. On the other hand, natural skincare products contain ingredients that are kinder not only to your skin but also to the environment.

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