Chemical vs. Vegan Skincare: What is Better for Your Skin?

Chemical vs. Vegan Skincare: What is Better for Your Skin?

Skincare isn’t that complicated, but you do need to know quite a bit about the things that you end up putting on your face. Not all products are the same and every skincare product is meant for different types of skin. Perhaps one of the most heated debates around skincare products centres on the products you end up using and whether or not they’re “natural.” To some people, that matters a lot. To others, they can’t be bothered. Here is a deeper look behind the skincare product scene.

Chemically-formulated Conventional Skincare Products

Conventional skincare products are those that you can possibly be sold even in the drugstore when you’re in a rush. These products usually come from big names in the skincare industry, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. Their products succeed due to clever marketing where they succeed in making you think it’s natural when they highlight their natural extract in it. Are they effective? It depends on the proportions of chemicals they use and what sort of use they are trying to promote. 

Why Chemical Skincare?


They’re cheap. Because companies use synthetic ingredients, they don’t have to spend much on production. But as we know, there is a lot to say about cheap beauty products, and none of them are about doing your skin a favor. Introducing your skin to too many chemicals may work now, but may damage your skin in the long run. Ingredients such as mineral oil, parabens, or anything that ends with “-siloxane” are present in many conventional skincare products that won’t do you well.

Vegan vs “Natural” Skincare

Vegan skincare is always natural, but natural skincare isn’t always vegan.

Just because it says “natural,” doesn’t mean that it’s vegan. Knowing the difference between the two lets you in on the secrets of how beauty products are advertised. Plenty of companies can use the claim “with natural ingredients,” which can trick you into thinking that it’s all natural. Newsflash: it might not be once you read all the ingredients. 

To make sure that you get products that are 100% natural, go for organic skincare products that are proven and tested vegan.

Why Vegan Skincare?

Ingredients are Gentle on Your Skin

Vegan skincare products are 100% natural. No toxic additives that could harm your skin are included in these products. This makes them cost a little bit more, but it is worth the investment to advocate products with all natural ingredients. 


This is probably the most distinguishable factor when it comes to vegan products. These aren’t animal tested and are ethically produced, so supporting vegan products supports the extra mile that vegan skincare companies stand on.  


Ultimately, you as a consumer always have a choice in the products you buy. If you already have a skincare routine with products that you love, it’s hard to break away from them to try something new. But everyone votes with their dollars, and the cause of vegan and cruelty free skincare products is so great that it is something that you should consider giving a try. You might end up liking it.

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