A Guide on Mangosteen, Antioxidants, and Organic Skincare

A Guide on Mangosteen, Antioxidants, and Organic Skincare

Many health enthusiasts tend to gravitate towards consuming fruits and using them as vital ingredients for their organic skincare. Mangosteen or Garcinia Cambogia often comes to mind because of its impressive antioxidant properties. It is also known for its great taste and aroma, allowing individuals to take advantage of its nutritional benefits as well. If you are looking into the possibility of getting products like this and enhancing your self-care routine, consider this guide as your starting point to have a deeper appreciation for Mother Nature’s finest. 

What Are Antioxidants? 

Antioxidants are plant-derived vitamins and minerals found in most colourful fruits and vegetables. They are supposed to enhance your naturally glowing complexion and boost anti-aging capabilities. But most importantly, they should be fighting free radicals, which are molecules that harm cells in various ways, like the outer barrier of the skin, proteins, and even DNA. 

When you have tons of free radicals in your system, it can trigger oxidative stress or the process of change for aging. This condition includes acne, eczema, skin cancer, and hyperpigmentation. Fortunately, if you apply enough antioxidants onto your skin, it can become a layer of protection against free radicals, which comes from air pollution, UV radiation, infrared, smoking, and other environmental agitators. Just use organic skincare products since several mass-produced, chemically formulated ones have free radicals. 

What Is the Role of Mangosteen in Organic Skincare?

As compared to other fruits and vegetables, mangosteen has plenty of Xanthones, which is a strong antioxidant primarily found in the rind. It is known for its strong positive effects on cancer treatment and prevention because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It can shield your skin cells from taking in harsh substances from your surroundings and even fight against signs of aging. It can also make your skin firmer and more radiant through microcirculation. 

The mangosteen’s skin also has high levels of positive nutrients that address imbalances found in the skin tissue. According to a study, the peel extract’s compounds were analysed, and it has anti-aging agents. 

How Can I Incorporate Mangosteen into My Daily Skincare Routine? 

You never know what your complexion is exposed to on a daily basis, so there has to be a layer of protection that maintains the natural barrier against free radicals. This is where skincare products with mangosteen come in, like our Superfood Moisturiser. It is ideal for everyday application and suitable for all skin types. 

Aside from mangosteen, it also has wheatgrass and rice protein! It even has a refreshing scent of white grapefruit and rose geranium to help you feel good while on the go. This way, you can apply it when you look at yourself in the mirror and have tired skin, allowing you to get back in a good mood and ready to take on the rest of the day! 


Natural regiments like mangosteen can have great antioxidant properties to boost your skin health, but proper care is integral to achieving pleasing results. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of this through the relevant information mentioned above. Just get your hands on organic skincare products like ours and maintain a healthy lifestyle! 

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